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St. Gabriel Food Club


“Show St. Gabe’s the Money!” by sending an order to your homeroom teacher in an envelope marked “Food Club Program”. This year, orders will be filled on a weekly basis. Orders must be turned in by Thursday of every week to be sent home on Friday. If we have off or have a half day on Friday, orders will need to be turned in by Wednesday and will be sent home on Thursday.

Remember, if you want a food club certificate immediately, they can be purchased directly at the rectory. Remember…you can purchase Giant Eagle certificates from St. Gabriel’s and then go to Giant Eagle and purchase other establishment’s gift certificates to earn Fuel Perks! You can also purchase gas at GetGo with Giant Eagle certificates! You can even use Kohl’s certificates to pay your charge account! Every opportunity we take to use these certificates earns money for our tuition-free school!

Gift Cards (% that goes back to St. Gabes)

-Olive Garden/Red Lobster (10%)
-McGinnis Sisters (5%)
-Eat N Park (10%)
-Atria’s Restaurant (10%)
-Bruegger’s (10%)
-Giant Eagle (5%)
-Kohl’s (5%)
-Mitchell’s Fish Market (10%)
-Shop ‘N Save (5%)


Click on the link below to print an order form. 

St. Gabes Food Club Order Form